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Naacho Starter Pack 


Everything you need to know before joining us :)

Tech classes: Naach holds tech classes from time to time, open to all NUS students interested in learning from and about us :)  Different dance forms are explored and demonstrated by our dance captains and the Resident Choreographer and Artistic Director Akash. You may keep a lookout for the signups on our insta! 

Semester 1 Production: Semester 1  of each year, Naach organises a production with 8-9 pieces choreographed by Naach's Resident Choreographer and Artistic Director - Mr. Akash Abhishek! Dancers irrespective of age, in and outside NUS are welcome to perform in this production.

Semester 2 Showcase: Semester 2 of each year and independent showcase is put together by Naach welcoming dancers from and outside NUS irrespective of age. This is a platform for budding choreographers to tell their stories on stage through dance to a live audience of 400 people as well as receive guidance form our Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer with over 10 years of experience. Come join us if you have a story you've been wanting to tell!

Semester Fees: There is a semester fee of $55 to be paid. Being an independent, student run group, this fee enables us to look after your welfare, provide venues as well as reinvent the Naach costume and props inventory from time to time to be able to constantly push the boundaries.  

Join our telegram channel to keep yourselves in the loop :)

Telegram: NUS Naach

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